… Get cash for you trip at the Foreign Exchange ATM! … … Top up your mobile at Otto ATM…
You can conveniently get cash from all of our ATMs.
Otto ATMs enable also balance inquiry and mini-statement, Withdrawal & Donation and loading of airtime to mobile...
Talletus. Otto.
.... with Finnish banks' cards .... In addition to the above, TalletusOtto and OttoPlus ATMs enable you to deposit notes into your account - and some TalletusOtto ATMs allow even coin deposits!
Valutta. Otto.
Our safe and modern Foreign Exchange ATMs are operated under the brand “ValuuttaOtto”. Cash is the most accepted means of payment worldwide!

Where to get cash? Or deposit cash? How about foreign exchange? Find ATMs easily!

Our up-to-date map search shows you the route to the nearest ATM and occasional service outages, too...



7.5.2024 FX for your travels at the Foreign Exchange ATM!

Available now! Cash is the most accepted means …

27.11.2023 Top up your mobile at Otto ATM

At Otto ATMs you can even  top up …

13.10.2022 Cash is safe to use

The risk of virus transmission through banknotes is …

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