TalletusOtto – Deposit & Withdrawal

There are two kinds of TalletusOtto ATMs

TalletusOtto is an ATM that enables depositing banknotes into your account (with most Finnish banks’ cards). TalletusOtto has also the familiar basic services of an Otto ATM, including cash withdrawal with all banks’ cards. There are two kinds of TalletusOtto ATMs: Some of them also take in coin deposits and have a coin side car, marked with a blue round sign “Kolikko.” (Finnish for “Coin”).



Depositing is easy at TalletusOtto ATMs


1. Insert chip card into the ATM

  • (Choose debit, if you have a combination card.)
  • Key in your PIN.
  • Choose deposit.

2. Deposit money into the ATM

  • No coin or other objects (such as paper clip or rubber band) when depositing notes!

3. Take receipt

  • The money is immediately credited into your bank account and available for use.


TalletusOtto ATM takes in tidy bundles of notes

  • Euro notes   5 – 500 €
  • The maximum possible one-time deposit is 100 notes or 5,000 € *).
    (* Your bank may have set a lower euro limit for your deposit.)
  • Ensure that notes are clean and intact to assure trouble-free transaction.
  • Ensure that no other objects are among the notes or coin!


TalletusOtto + Kolikko ATM takes in also coin

  • Euro coin  0,05 € – 2 €
  • No notes or any other objects (such as plastic bag) when depositing coins!
  • It is advisable to first put the coins in a transparent bag at home and ensure there are no other objects. At the ATM, pour the coins (and only the coins!) into the ATM.