Otto ATMs give out 10 euro banknotes

Automatia has added 10 euro banknotes to Otto ATMs. Cash withdrawals have been diminished to the extent that the sufficiency of cash can be secured with such smaller banknotes. 

Since Finland moved to euro currency, Otto ATMs have been giving out 20 and 50 euro banknotes. At the end of the time of Finnish markka (Finland’s currency before euro), the usage of the ATMs was at its highest, and smaller banknotes were no longer able to ensure the sufficiency of cash in ATMs over weekends and holidays. However, cash withdrawals have decreased so much in Finland over the past 20 years that the sufficiency of cash can be secured in some Otto ATMs, even if smaller banknotes are loaded into them.

The locations of the ATMs with 10-euro banknotes can be found on the app and website.

With the “Where to get cash?” search tool, you can easily check where the nearest ATMs are, also ones dispensing 10 euro banknotes. Banknote information always appears in the list of the nearest ATMs below the map and in the information bubble that pops up by touching the ATM symbols on the map.

10 euro notes have been added to Otto ATMs from spring 2021


A large number of Otto ATMs across Finland have already started to distribute 10-euro banknotes, and 10-euro banknotes will continue to be added to Otto ATMs, depending on the demand and the adequacy of the cash.

The welcome display shows what denominations are given out of the ATM.

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