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Frequently asked questions:

Situation regarding a cash transaction?

Any cash transaction you have to check through your bank or other card issuer. This applies e.g. to situations when you did not get money from the ATM as expected.

Do Otto ATMs charge any fees from me?

From users of Finnish cards, the Otto ATMs will not charge any fee.

You have to check with your bank or card issuer, if any fees may be charged by them.

From users of foreign cards, the ATM will charge the fee of the ATM operator directly. The ATM Access Fee is a globally common practice to support keeping up the coverage of ATM services which we have applied at our ATMs since June 2023. The ATM screen displays a clear notification, what amount of ATM Access Fee will be charged in addition to the cash withdrawal, and the transaction will only proceed if the cardholder makes the selection to “Accept”. The ATM Access Fee is calculated case-by-case and it is shown in the transaction flow at the ATM as described above.

How do the deposit-taking ATMs work (OttoPlus and TalletusOtto)?

Information about our deposit-taking ATMs you can find on their dedicated pages: TalletusOtto (for note and coin deposits) and OttoPlus (for note deposits).

How can you prevent criminals from taking or copying your card at the ATM?

The best that you as a customer can do against this type of crime, is to protect your PIN code from snooping or filming by always covering the PIN pad, e.g. with your other hand, whenever and wherever you enter the PIN.

There are many models of ATMs with different types of card readers, but our Otto ATMs normally do not take in the entire card, instead a part of the card should always be visible.

In case the card disappears entirely into an Otto ATM, the card reader is either broken or manipulated, and you should call (24/7) the number printed on the ATM information board.

What to do when the Otto ATM does not read my card?

Only seldom is there an actual fault in the card or the card reader. However, sometimes you have to try and insert your card more than ones to get it working.
It is quite common that some invisible layer of dust or grease on the card prevents the card reader from getting contact with the chip on the card. This can usually be fixed by swiping the contacts on the card against e.g. a clean shirt sleave.

So,  just swipe the contacts on the card and insert the card again. If a certain Otto ATM does not read the card after several attempts, it is worth it to report the fault to the ATM maintenance phone number printed on the ATM info board. If you cannot get the card to work anywhere, you should contact the card issuer.

What banknotes do you get from Otto ATMs?

All Otto ATMs distribute 20 and 50 euro notes. Some Otto ATMs, where the demand for cash is lower, also distribute 10 euro banknotes.

In our “Where to get cash?” ATM location finder you can not only check where is the nearest ATM that is open. You can also check which banknotes are available in that ATM at the moment (e.g. “GIVES OUT NOW 10/20/50 €”)!

What is the maximum withdrawal amount from Otto ATMs?

Otto ATMs do give out other sums and also larger sums than the ones shown in the fast cash menu. When you select ”Other amount”, you can enter any sum up to 400 euros.

“Other amount” screen flashes also information, what are the smallest and largest sums that can be distributed with the banknotes available in the ATM at the moment. For example, if there are only 20 € notes left in the ATM, the largest sum is 240 € in a single withdrawal.

Other factors limiting the largest possible withdrawal are of course the ones related to your account, available balance and possible maximum withdrawal limits set on your card or account, which may have been set per day or per month.  These types of maximum withdrawal limits depend on your terms of agreement with your card issuer or account holding bank. It is increasingly common that you as the customer can set personal security limits as low as you want, and Otto ATMs will respect these limits (e.g. maximum ATM withdrawals 200 euros per day) based on your card issuer declining the transaction, even if the ATM seems to let you choose and enter larger withdrawal amounts.

What should I do when the ATM does not give my card back?

Otto ATMs normally do not take in the entire card, instead a part of the card should always be visible.

However, if you want to interrupt your transaction at the ATM, do not jack out the card! Press the STOP key instead.

Our new green card readers will actually lock the card for the duration of the transaction. Should the locking of the card get stuck, release the locking mechanism by pushing the card in a little more. Again, do not just jack out the card, and do not use force!

If you cannot manage to get the card out with these instructions, to avoid any possibility of misuse, act as if you had lost the card: Report to the card issuer immediately (24 h), so that they can block the use of the card.

How do Otto ATMs handle situations in which someone tries to misuse my card? Or what if I mistakenly enter the wrong PIN too many times?

Otto ATMs never capture and take in the entire card, instead a part of the card should always be visible. Nevertheless, the card issuer will immediately block the use of the card, if anyone enters the wrong PIN too many times.

If you still have the card in your own hands, you should contact the card issuer to find out if they can unblock the card or if you have to order a new one.

Which foreign cards can withdraw at Otto ATMs?

It is possible to withdraw cash at the Otto ATMs if your card carries any of the following brands: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Cirrus, V-Pay, Plus, American Express, Diners Club or Discover.

However, sometimes just the brand is not enough, so if in doubt, you may want to check with your card issuer that your card allows international ATM usage. Or, if you are already in Finland, be brave and just try at one of our Otto ATMs!

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